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My Story

I am passionate about people and helping people see the best in themselves and in others. I am a leadership coach, behavioural expert and mindset specialist based in Sydney and working internationally.
With my experience of over a decade in high intensity environments of the software industry across India, US and Australia, I realize that the one gift which can help everyone achieve their best and live in harmony with themselves and others, is a healthy mindset.
Work with me to tap into the power of your mindset to be future-fit and have the ability to transform not only yourself but also your teams leading to high performance and meaningful success.

At MindArt we do things differently

MindArt’s mission is to inspire you to be more than you ‘thought’ you could be.

We value love, trust, learning, sharing and collaboration.

Achieve clarity of your strengths and stretches as a leader
Remove and reframe thoughts that are holding you back
Have a measurable plan and structure to achieve your outcome
Create a robust internal world to build the life of your dreams
Enhance quality of your relationships and personal influence
Gain mindfulness, and inspire empathy and kindness
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  • Become a confident, effective and responsible leader who inspires change

We believe that it’s our duty to know and become all of who we truly are!

At MindArt, we help you know yourself better, understand yourself deeper and love yourself fully.

Leadership Thinking Profile Analysis

Discover your Meta Dynamics Profile to gain powerful insights into your leadership style and find out why you do what you do.


1:1 Leadership Coaching

Dive deeper into your mindset strategies, unlock your true potential and be the leader you are born to be!


Team Coaching

Build high-performing, resilient and collaborative teams with effective communication and honest


With a deep self-awareness at the core of every decision, gain the consciousness to deliver meaningful results.

  • Expect to be challenged.
  • Expect to be transformed.
  • Expect to step into your humble power with clarity.

This is the time to be the trustworthy and strategic thinking world-class leader you need to be. Through authentic interactions and extraordinary results, unleash the power of mindful leadership for yourself and your organization today!

Let’s connect for a 30-minute complimentary session to discuss your requirements in detail.

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Don’t just survive, it’s your time to truly thrive!



No more doubting yourself, no more feeling like an imposter! It’s time to KNOW yourself, BELIEVE in yourself and EMPOWER yourself and your team.
No more anxiety navigating interpersonal and team dynamics, no more shying away from difficult conversations. It’s time to build an inspiring team that believes and works towards the common vison.
No more panic around managing change, no more holding up on implementing new strategies. It’s time to drive the change and inculcate collaboration through purpose.

Book a Free 30-minute complimentary session to discuss your requirements in detail.

What is Meta Dynamics™?

Metadynamics™ is the study of the structure of experience or the art of knowing how people make decisions.

What is Meta Dynamics ™ Profiling Tool?

The Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool is a 16 Dimension assessment that assesses an individual’s preferences particularly in the everyday context. This tool uses 70 questions to measure the 4 primary characteristics that are relevant to thinking styles for personal, professional, business and leadership development.

Let us help you decode your thinking. Let us make your mindset work for you! Let us unlock your true potential with the power of your thinking!


Customers love MindArt

We always appreciate your review and that helps us improve our service, thank you for choosing us.

Vandana is an insightful, empathetic life coach. She took the time to listen and understand my lifestyle and needs. She was able to help me drill down to the core issues that I needed to solve. She helped me think of and implement small, incremental changes to improve the quality of my life. I am further along in my journey because of her

I can't thank Vandana enough for her coaching that changed my professional life. It was that point in my life when I was thinking of restarting my career after a break of 6 years. I tried at many places but then there was no luck. That’s when I had reached out to Vandana. After my coaching sessions with her, I realized the jobs that I am focusing on are not what I want. I targeted the job that I wanted and today I am in a much happier place. Enjoying my work and balancing my personal and professional life well. Thank you Vandana.

It is indeed an absolute pleasure to write a review for Vandana. She is simply amazing and has a very good understanding and sense of people's minds and thoughts. She makes very good sense in interpreting relationships and provide real valuable inputs to cause a change. At the same time, Vandana has a very gentle voice in approaching people while discussing their concerns which brings in calmness and comfort I felt. She is very good in providing direction and clarity. She reflects so much gratitude while conducting her sessions. .

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